Choose DVR - Digital Video Recorder

Our digital video surveillance systems are a great deterrent to criminal activity. All activities are stored in a digital form on a hard drive. Each system is custom built to meet the needs and budget of every single customer. Even though the technology is sophisticated, the systems themselves are easy to use and provide business customers with cost-effective dependable solution. Our systems are low maintenance and self sufficient and a motion detection feature comes standard.
Digital Surveillance offers a great feature of remote viewing. Multi level access can be created and nobody can login to the system without authorization. The latest systems are compatible with PDA devices.

CCTV Remote Viewing Through internet

One of the most popular ability of our DVR systems is to remotely view security cameras remotely. This feature allows you to access the on-site video surveillance system and select any combination of cameras to view and control. All this is accomplished without loosing much video quality over internet or company network.

Remote Surveillance Viewing

DVR can be installed in secure server room or remote place with internet connection but still have the convenience of accessing and managing the system right from your remote PC or laptop.
The system allows you to connect the DVR to network and load CCTV remote viewing software on other PCs connected to the network. The work station software requires each user to sign on with a name and password. The password allows a system administration to control each users access to specific cameras and individual system functions.

Static or Dynamic IP Address for Remote CCTV System

With DSL or cable, the on-site DVR is connected to the internet through the network connection on the back of the DVR. The internet provider will assign an address to for that connection called and IP address or number. Our software operates with both “static” and “dynamic” IP addresses, the password features enable the user to required User Name and Password before access is granted.

DVR CCTV Video Surveillance | NVR System

Today, there are lots of reasons to employ CCTV DVR digital video surveillance.
- To help PROTECT people and property.
Homeowners can identify who is at the door, check on the baby or check the house if they are away.
- To help OBSERVE processes.
Industry & Research can monitor processes as well as maintaining security surveillance .
- To help PREVENT accidents or wrongdoing.
Businesses can prevent or identify shoplifters or burglars and keep an eye on the business from home.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Network Video Recorders (NVR), recording is done on the computer hard disk and camera images are displayed on the monitor. Recording need not be continuous but can be motion activated, at pre-set times or on receipt of an alarm signal from an alarm system. Remote computer users can login to DVR over internet, over a Local Area Network or over the Internet. Now you can observe and control camera views as they are happening! You can see what is going on in any part of your business when you are at home or in other areas of your business. You can even access previously recorded videos with assigned user name and password.

Choosing a DVR Surveillance System

Many of our customers have s built-in bias toward purchasing a smaller system than they need. So our advice is to purchase the cctv cameras you feel are needed, but make sure your DVR is equipped with a few more channels (inputs) than you have cctv cameras. This way for a minimal up front cost, you can add additional cameras anytime in the future without having to purchase an entirely new DVR. If you are like most of our customers, you will be glad you did, potentially saving hundreds of dollars.

Get the most from your DVR

1DVR Storage Capacity - 2TB or more

Choose the right DVR & storage capacity for you. Getting the best results from your DVR begins with choosing a system that can handle your needs.

2DVR Frame Rate - FPS

Set the right frame rate.One of the easiest features to set, more than deciding which buttons to push needs to be considered when choosing which frame rate is right for you.

3Video Quality - H264 or MPEG4

Optimize the cctv video quality with the optimal connection. Learn how to get the best picture quality on your security monitor.
Keep your DVR recording with the overwrite feature. Learn how to control your DVR by mastering this archive feature.
Turn your DVR into a full time security guard. Learn how to make your DVR work for you by activating alarm inputs, alarm outputs and motion detection.
Don’t let conversations go unheard. Most DVRs have audio capability and by adding an accessory, like a high quality mic, your DVR con record video AND audio.

4Digital Video Recorder - Tips and facts

DVR physical security
Steps must be taken to ensure the physical security and integrity of the DVR system’s recording device. Placement of the recording device in a restricted access location, such as a locked cabinet or room, is highly recommended.

5Passowrd Protected

Make your DVR tamperproof.Safeguard your cctv video footage by preventing unauthorized access.

6Surge Protector

Protect your investment from power surges& failures.This standard accessory offers peace of mind that your DVR goes on performing without interruption.

7DVR Remote Access

Access & manage your CCTV system virtually anywhere.By taking advantage of this technological advancement, you can learn how to access your video over the Internet.

8Burn it on CD/DVD

Be prepared to offload your cctv video (and audio). Caught it on the drive? Have your cctv video footage packaged and ready to hand off to law enforcement officials, attorneys, insurances agencies and more.

  • 16-ch DVR System
  • 16-ch PC DVR System
  • 32-ch PC DVR System
  • 4-ch DVR System
  • 8-ch DVR System
  • 8-ch PC DVR System